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Moon Lime Monthly Recap - November 2019

The month of November is over, and this means that it’s time for our inaugural monthly report. Keep on reading and you’ll learn what we’ve been up to since our inception just a few weeks ago.

Kava Delegation Guide

With transactions now available on the Kava Network, the time has come for those wishing to stake their Kavas and earn rewards to delegate their tokens. The following short guide should help you create your Kava wallet, send your tokens from an exchange to your wallet and then delegate them to our validator. Note that you need to have either a Ledger device (better security) or a mobile wallet (easier to use). For both methods we will be using wallets created by Cosmostation.

Hello World and Kava's Launch!

Today is a big day for us! We are happy to introduce our staking service Moon Lime and announce the launch of our validator on Kava’s mainnet. Following our participation in Kava’s testnets, we have been awarded a Founder Badge and a token allocation part of which will be used as a stake for our validator.