The year 2020 is now over, and it is time to sum up its results. The second half of 2020 was rich in events for our small team. We added two more networks to our portfolio, Oasis and Graph and kept on validating on Celo, Kava, Centrifuge and Kusama. Read on for more details.

New networks


In late July, we started participating in Graph Protocol’s Mission Control testnet where node operators learnt the intricacies of the Graph Protocol, its economic design and technical challenges. Following five months of rigorous testing and numerous upgrades, we joined the Graph Protocol network of 139 indexers (at the time of writing). You can find our node in the list of all operators under the name moonlime.eth. Currently our own stake in the protocol totals 1.8m GRT and we have secured about 2m GRT in delegations.

Our current reward cut totals 53% and will be reduced as we get more delegations. Conversely, we will have to increase our cut if the amount of delegated GRT drops. The difference of Graph compared to other POS networks is that indexer’s stake is taken into account when receiving rewards from the protocol but it doesn’t count when the reward received by our indexer is split between us and our delegators. So, we are currently receiving rewards from the protocol based on the total stake of ~3.8m GRT. But then the rewards are being split between all the delegators alone (we don’t get anything for our stake if we don’t charge the fee). Our friends from Ryabina made a nice explanation here. We use the same formula as they are. So, while our cut currently totals 53%, it is in fact just 10% that we charge our delegators, and we plan to stick to the latter percentage in the foreseeable future.


We joined Oasis Protocol’s testnet The Quest in November 2019. Throughout the competition that effectively lasted for a year, we managed to maintain high uptime and finished as a top 10 validator. We’re currently sitting at the 12th largest network validator with about 60m ROSE delegated to us.

With numerous partnerships recently revealed by the Oasis Foundation, we are excited to see how Oasis Protocol evolves in 2021.

Other networks


We managed to overcome a couple of hiccups that hit our infrastructure at network start and are currently running our validator with an impeccable score of 99.99999994249%.

Apart from running the validator and validator group, we have been active in the community. Our Celo Discord Validator Digest has seen 22 issues so far, with almost 200 active readers.

We also adhered to the Celo’s mission of financial inclusion and donated ~10% of our validator rewards to such organizations as COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, The Africa Development Promise, Save the Children and helped several communities in need through impactMarket and


We have been supporting the Centrifuge network from the early days and still super excited to see how the team is opening new opportunities by bringing traditional finance to DeFi.

We are also glad to see that the network has grown from the initial 10 to over 20 validators right now.

Kusama and Polkadot

We joined Kusama’s 1000 Validator Program in February and were included in the first cohort of the program participants in early April.

We have been successfully validating the network since then, and are still staying among the top 10 validators in the program. We also managed to attract several nominators apart from the Web3 Foundation.

Recently, we have also applied for the 1000 Validator Program for the Polkadot network and hopefully will be able to join the network when first delegations from the Web3 Foundation begin. If you would like to nominate your DOTs to our validator, delegate them to our stash address:


Future Plans

As a part of our efforts to stay focused on a handful of networks that we believe in and that bring profitability to us and our delegators, we have decided to retire our validator on the Kava Network.

With regard to new networks, we are looking forward to the launch of Mina Protocol (former Coda), Regen Network and two other networks (not naming them since we still haven’t decided if we are going to support them).

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