The month of November is over, and this means that it’s time for our inaugural monthly report. Keep on reading and you’ll learn what we’ve been up to since our inception just a few weeks ago.


The major milestone for us was the launch of the Kava Labs’ mainnet and our validator on it. Following our participation in Kava’s testnets, we have been awarded a Founder Badge and a token allocation part of which we used as a stake for our validator.

Though the launch was somewhat clouded by a failed start and subsequent potential vulnerability identified by Sunny Aggarval of Cosmos, all issues have been successfully resolved, and the network finally started on 15 November in the record 5 seconds.

We joined the party at block 37 and has been successfully validating on it since then. The next day, Kava Labs generously decided to delegate all Founders additional 20,000 Kavas, the move we welcomed very much

On November 19, we were the 3rd validator to vote for the proposal to enable transactions on Kava network which came into effect on December 3.

Our plan is to continue supporting the network, attract more delegations and collect more badges.

If you would like to support our validator, you can delegate your Kavas to our operator’s address:


Be sure to check out our Delegation Guide for detailed instructions.

Regen Network

We’ve had our validator running on Regen Network since the beginning of August. No surprise that we managed to make it to the top 20 with our y3v63n validator following the end of Testnet-1001.

In November, we successfully joined the non-incentivized Congo-1 testnet, the opportunity we couldn’t miss. We already tested running a redelegation script (courtesy of Mira Storm) to automatically redelegate our tokens and, in fact, earn compound reward for that. We also tested an adverse scenario in which our validator gets destroyed, and we lose access to our private validator key. Although, we always back up our keys, it was fun to create a protocol for such an unlikely situation. We managed to create a new validator and redelegate our stake to it from the destroyed one.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Regen’s testnets and feel honored to support a project that seeks to facilitate Earth’s ecological regeneration. Be sure to check out this wonderful thread about what is Regen and why it is important by Adriana Kalpa.

Coda Protocol

We’ve been with Coda Protocol since the early days of Tesntet Beta Release 1. Initially, it was a small group of like-minded individuals, with new challenges every week that kept us busy 24/7. On the other hand, the competition was very fierce that we felt burnt out at the end. Yet, we managed to make it to the top 3 and became one of the testnet’s MVPs.

The second iteration of the Testnet Beta was less intense, with new releases coming out every two weeks. The word about Coda surely spread out fast, so no surprise that the number of testnet participants doubled. Nevertheless, we finished at the fourth spot this time, making us the top participant according to our aggregate score in both testnets. Not bad.

We are grateful to Coda Protocol’s team for the valuable experience they provided. We managed to learn protocol’s intricacies, tested various strategies and hardware setups, and had a chance to communicate with the team on a regular basis.

We are hoping to provide continuous support for Coda and will be happy to become a network operator when it goes live.


Last but not least is Akash Network. @gregosuri, @Bmenzalji and co. launched the Founding Member Rewards Program that rewards the top 100 members for the completion of 3 challenges.

We have been following Akash since early last year, so naturally we didn’t want to miss the opportunity and jumped in immediately.

The challenges are designed to walk you through the installment of the Akash Suit, deploying your own Riot chat client and Matrix messaging server, and finally selling your server’s unused capacity using Kubernetes.

The team managed to create a perfect balance between difficulty and knowledge acquisition, making the challenges enjoyable and fulfilling. We were among the first participants to complete all of them, but the program is still live and you have time until 13 December to try it yourself, earn rewards and support the #supercloud movement.

This is all for November. Share this post to support us, follow us to stay up to date and watch out for future updates!