Moon Lime Liberal staking Independent POS staking service.

We are a team of two blockchain enthusiasts who have been exploring the space since 2017 and believe in the future of proof-of-stake systems.

In 2019, we started validating on various testnet networks including Regen Network, Coda Protocol, Althea, Mictotick, Edgeware and Polkadot.

In November 2019, we launched our first mainnet validator for Kava.

In 2020, we started validating on Centrifuge (our validator address is 4cS65GoK9sfqJNRg5pmpYdvXyJhkYp9FmhyGJ4uRmTRoFzKW), Kusama and Celo.

We find inspiration in fellow independent validators like @cjremus and others and believe that smaller validators should have more power and wider participation in POS systems.

We work hard every day to learn, become better in what we do, and be a valuable part of the validator community.

We run our mainnet validators on secure infrastructure that includes bare metal servers to ensure low latency and high uptime and sentry-node architecture to prevent DDoS attacks. We employ various monitoring and alerting tools to stay up-to-date with the status of our nodes and react quickly if anything goes wrong.

If you share the idea of empowering regular people and creating economic freedom for everyone, please consider delegating your stake to us.

If not, we welcome your support too